Companion Horses

Some of the horses at Happened by Chance Horses have come from troubled backgrounds and/or have medical issues that prevent them from being ridden or mounted. These horses can serve as companion horses for you and/or your working horses. Companion horses may have special needs, please be sure to read each description below carefully.

Be sure to check our Facebook Page regularly to see all available horses. Adoption fees vary from horse to horse. Please visit our Adoption Guide for more information about the process and instructions on how to apply. If you have questions please call Linda at (210) 307-7935.


  • Gender – Female
  • Breed – Thoroughbred Horse
  • Color – Bay
  • DOB – 2002
  • Category – Companion Only

This horse here is nothing short of the sweetest horse ever. Now,  she’s not able to be ridden due to a previous injury to her withers but if you need a friend, Like a super best friend, our Koda is your horse.  She’s a 19 yo OTTB who had nine starts and one win. Her JC name is Suitable per her lip tattoo. We don’t have her papers. 

She was an owner surrender way back in 2016 and she’s just been here living life and making friends. She gets along well within the herd. Not the highest…. not the lowest. 

Our companion horses are at no charge… you may make a donation to the rescue if you so choose. She is however 100% protected by our contract and she is micro-chipped to ensure her safety.


  • Gender – Mare
  • Breed – Quarter Horse
  • Color – Bay
  • DOB – 2019
  • Category – Companion Only 

Sweet Skye is doing well. She has put on good weight. We know she’ll never be rideable. She had fractures along her t3-t9 vertebra and her nuchal ligament had been significantly injured before she got here. She will always have this unique appearance.  She is not in any pain. Although some people may see unsightly, we see the beauty in her. 

She is just a baby, about a year and a half old. She is sweet as she can be. She loves scratches and to be loved on.  She gets around with the best of them and shares a pasture with 2 other horses.  She will make a great companion to either humans or horses.