Under Medical Care

Some of the horses at Happened by Chance Horses come to us with medical issues. We truly believe that every horse deserves a second chance and will do all that we can to address these issues before they are ready for adoption. As you can imagine, the cost of medical care for horses is very expensive. Please consider donating or sponsoring one of the horses on this page that are under medical care!

Be sure to check our Facebook Page regularly to see all available horses. Adoption fees vary from horse to horse. Please visit our Adoption Guide for more information about the process and instructions on how to apply. If you have questions please call Linda at (210) 307-7935.


Gender – Female
Breed – Paso Fino Cross
Color – Strawberry/Gray Roan (Lightens in the summer)
DOB – 1998
Category – Companion Horse

Delainey is shy to adults but loves kids. She is showing early signs of DSLD so she is a companion horse only. She is currently pastured with two mares and is doing fine. She is okay being haltered and good walking with a lead.


Gender – Female
Breed – Appendix
Color – Sorrel
DOB – Estimated 1994 
Category – Companion Horse

Phoenix came to HBCH as a stray/neglect case. She is currently on a refeed program and is doing well. We have moved her from the medical stall to a bigger pasture where she can roam about. She does have DSLD in her hind legs but that doesn’t stop her from exploring! She is absolutely the sweetest and most gentle horse who will follow you wherever you go. We have learned that she is not fond of being haltered. 


Gender – Female
Breed – Quarter Horse
Color – Sorrel
DOB – 1997  
Category – Companion Only

Fortuna is a companion horse only because she has an outward growing tumor on her face. The tumor does not seem to bother her but making sure it continues to grow outward is a must. She has a very curious, sweet and gentle personality and would be a great pasture friend to any horse.